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First 2005 Autocross Wrap-up

Today was the autocross event mentioned before.
The course was fast; the turns were sharp and plentiful; and the weather was nice. Overall, a great time to be had. On top of all of that, one of the other drivers had two sets of race rubber that he wasn't using and allowed me to use a set (Scott used the other set). So, not only was it my first autocross of the year, my first ever autocross in the miata, it was also my first time on tried and true racing rubber. It will be hard to go back to street performance tires after experiencing the sticky glory of racing rubber.

On with the pictures!

It was a Miata only event, so there were Lots of Miatas. Hard to find your own. "Excuse me, everyone. Everyone! I am looking for a black Miata. Has anyone seen a black Miata?"


Mmmm... racing tires.


Sharona's (← my Miata's name, by the way) rear end; all ready to get on the track.


Top down, numbers on, racing tires equipped, ready to roll.


And, I'm off!! Roaring down the first straightaway.


Coming out of a variable radius (tight then loose then tight again) sweeper.


Setting myself up for a slalom. In my mind, I am repeating over and over again: "Stay smooth. Stay smooth. Stay smooth."


Here's Scott and his Miata.


Scott snaking his way through the course.


Scott coming in to a hard right hander.


And, here's a Vette that was tearing up the course. Us Miata owners didn't so much mind the Vette joining in on the fun because: a) it's probably the fastest Vette in Ohio, and b) the drivers of the Vette helped organize the event.