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Most Unwired

The 2nd annual Intel Most Unwired College Campuses Survey and Most Unwired U.S. Cities rankings are out. Case was #4 on the college list. But, Cleveland was disappointingly #62. (Via Jim Eastman.)


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    That's great news for Case. What do we need to do to get to number 1? Hopefully One Cleveland will help bring Cleveland up a notch.

    And to think, back when I was in college I had to go to a computer lab to check my e-mail. And so it was back in the dark ages!

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    Hey Jeremey... Actually the survey was "last years" unwired campus survey in which we placed #1 among private independent universities. The reference in the web page is to the second annual wireless city news release. Stay tuned for results on the 2nd annual wireless campus survey. They should be out soon.

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    I'd be interested in what criteria they used to determine the rankings. Since we are (practically) totally wireless I wonder how other universities beat us...