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Blog@Case, Wiki@Case... Oh My! INFORMATION OVERLOAD!!!

With the rise of Blog@Case and Wiki@Case (and other upcoming services), you may begin to feel Information Overload. How can one keep track of all of the information being produced? What about other services that will be coming in the future? How does one handle all of this?

I have good news in this arena. Each of these services heavily employ syndicated news feeds such as RSS and Atom. Keeping track of all of this information can be done without having to constantly revisit these pages. You can use news aggregator software to quickly and efficiently process this information. Read a previous entry of mine, The 3 Stages of the Internet, for more information on news aggregators. Additionally, you can place any content available via RSS into your portal.

And, just to give you a little hint into the future, RSS will continue to be widely used by many of the future services offered by ITS and many existing services (like... I don't know... say mailing lists) will be revitalized to offer RSS feeds of their content. It's not Information Overload; it's Information Opening.


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    I LOVE rss. Any time I come across a website or, heaven forbid, a blog, that doesn't have rss, it really annoys me.