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Lev Gonick, Case's VP of IT and CIO, has a weblog for OneCleveland at Unfortunately, there is no syndicated news feed for the content. What's up Why no RSS?


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    Anything they publish is their PROPERTY. They haven't come to terms with not being able to control the content they syndicate. Could you imagine if someone actually aggregated their content into a site the ran banner ads that they didn't receive revenue for? Horrors!

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    curl + regular expression = instant rss feed

    Perhaps if I get tired watching season 2 of 24 I will make something.

    If you can it, you can reproduce it. It all depends how many hoops you are willing to jump through to make it happen.

  3. gravatar is an RSS feed from the blog in question. For some reason, it only fetches the first 4 articles. I guess the regular expression isn't perfect yet. I blame it on's horrible html output. It is icky.

    Source at