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Top 10 IT Services at Case

Aaron Shaffer lists his Top 10 IT Favorites from/for/in-relation-to Case.

Sounds like fun.

  1. The Network

    Without our network, the rest of the services don't work. Our network is fast, fairly reliable, as secure as such a network can reasonably get, and has oodles of bandwidth. It has to get my #1 slot.

  2. My User Account

    When I refer to my "user account" or "my identity," I am placing an umbrella over several services such as Kerberos, LDAP, and the metadirectory. But, without all of these services, I wouldn't be able to authenticate, I wouldn't be able to get my email or access my blog. My user account is what provides me with my specific, individual services. And, without it, the rest of the services become kinda meaningless. What good is email without being able to access your own?

  3. Email

    Love it or hate it; email is important. And, you never hear the user community scream so loud as when email is down. WWW goes down, no big deal; email goes down, the sky is falling.

  4. The Wireless Network

    It's friggin awesome! I don't even want to think about what the world was like before pervasive wireless Internet. But, whose ear do I have to grab to get the Barking Spider covered?

  5. HCM

    While a lot of usability and accessibility issues need to be addressed in the online app; finally having it there is a breath of fresh air. And, is enough for it to land a spot on my top ten.

  6. Blog

    I have to admit. I think the blogging service adds a lot to the campus. Just in my own experience, my blog has helped generate discussion, facilitate ideas, jumpstart initiatives, better communicate internal ITS happenings and goals, and put a face on several of the high-reaching and over-arcing services. In my humble opinion, the blogging service deserves a spot on the list not only for what it is doing; but, also, for all of its untapped potential.

  7. Directory Services (the human side)

    Up in #2, I talked about LDAP in terms of its identity management capabilities. Now, I want to list it in terms of its address book functionality. It's nice being able to get email address auto-completion from inside my fat client. And, it's nice that whatever is said inside my email client is the same information that is on the online phonebook.

All right, I have seven; not 10. Those, though, are my top tier services.

I'm not going to list the bottom 10. People will think I am picking on them. Though, I would duplicate some from the top 10 onto the bottom 10. And, to give you a hint, my absolute last place entry rhymes with "webnail." (It really needs to be fixed, but no one is fixing it (or allowing someone to take the initiative to fix it).)


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    Nice as it is not to worry about turning in blue slips anymore, I really have to say that the HCM system is a disappointment to me. I have never managed to sign in and have the header actually render. It doesn't matter what computer I'm on, what browser I'm using--the darn system just doesn't render properly. It's another one of those things that makes me think that Case spent way too much money on something.

    SOLAR and also hit the bad list for me.

    I think the wireless network might be my number one, if e-mail isn't. As a laptop user, the wireless network is my absolute saving grace. I remember getting kicked out of my room freshman year while I was trying to write a German paper and wandering all over my dorm trying to get a decent signal so that I could access LEO. None of that anymore. Today I take the laptop to work daily and never have an issue with wireless. It's probably the item I miss the most when I'm not on campus.

    And blogging... well, I'm addicted to blogging. I have way too many blogs.

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    Nicole hit the nail on the head -- the whole PeopleSoft thing must be one of the worst web interface experiences I've ever had. Give me the blue cards any day.

    And of course, SOLAR and MyCase share a similar place in my heart. Now there are three web services just waiting to be done right.

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    Here's mine: