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University of Calgary

I was hunting around for some Podcasting information when I stumbled upon University of Calgary's Wiki page on Podcasting. Well, what do you know, The University of Calgary – in Alberta, Canada – has a wiki based on MediaWiki. And, they have a blogging system at (based on WordPress).

I decided to look around some more. The run a portal (looks nice) based on uPortal. They have a CorporateTime Calendar and Webmail based on SquirrelMail.

Similar... yet different.

Update: Some good wiki pages from their wiki:


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    We have a very similar setup at USF. Blog@USF is based on WordPress, although our setup uses separate blogs for each user and it looks like UCalgary is using WordpressMU. We also use SquirrelMail for our WebMail. And I'm just starting to look at Wikis, but I think MediaWiki is the platform I'm going to go with.

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    I like the wiki template from Calgary. It seems to be a only a slight variation on wikipedia.

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    UCalgary's blogging system is actually Drupal based. You can check out D'arcy's blog here: