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Via the Case Wiki RSS feeds I am subscribed to, I saw that there is a new article for UCITE. I went to check it out. Not too informational (it's just a stub as of now), but it gave me a link back to UCITE's home page. Checking out the information there, I clicked on over to UCITE's Events calendar and saw an entry for Thursday, July 7th on Using Wiki to enhance collaborations. From its description:

One of the more exciting developments in teaching technology is that Case is acquiring a Wiki platform that will be integrated with Blackboard. This enables groups of people (say students or faculty collaborators) of whatever size to collaborate on producing a joint piece of writing very efficiently, and also enables you (the instructor) to know precisely who contributed what. At this session, all the people attending will collaborate to producer a joint piece of writing, just to see how it can be done

"Huh," I thought to myself. "I am glad I accidently stumbled on that. I would like to see that presentation."

I saw it was being done by ITAC, so I went to their home page to find out more of what they were up to in terms of wiki tech or anything else. Well, their web site has a lot of dead links; but I found some information on what they were up to.

But, here's the point. Look at all the steps I had to go through to find the information I was looking for. Also, notice that I only discovered it accidently. If Professor Singham hadn't created a UCITE stub, I would have never ended up on the trail the eventually led me to information I wanted but didn't even know of its existence.

Inefficient information transfer is what is going on here.

Syndicated news feeds of the content on ITAC's website would go a long way in helping.


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    Ah, but the beauty of the entire system shines through! I discovered that information just now, and only because of a wiki, a blog, and a website.

    And the moral: more (or perhaps just better) communication is good. Wikis and blogs facilitate both.