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What Educators Are Learning from Blogs

I keep meaning to comment on the following two posts, and they've been sitting in my Bloglines "Saved Queued" (you are using Bloglines, right...?) for a while reminding me to do so. But, I haven't yet; so instead, I am just going to link to them and quote them liberally.

From EduBlog Insights : Lessons learned:

I shared some thoughts on lessons I have learned from the use of weblogs. I thought I'd try to post my reflections, plus some more that have come to my mind as I sit here at my desk. It'll be a mixture of my use of weblogs with students to improve writing and thinking and my own professional use of weblogs.

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From Weblogg-ed - The Read/Write Web in the Classroom :: Lessons learned:

Weblogs are disruptive. I think that's what I find most intruiging about this technology is the way in which it changes much of what it touches. Weblogs disrupt the notion that the best way to deliver curriculum (or publish the news, or run a campaign) is the same way we've been doing it for eons. It's not.

Blogs take work. They need to be nurtured. They demand attention. It really is like planting a seed and then consistently tending to its growth.

Blogs are not for everyone. Although I wish everyone had a blog, I can understand why many choose not to.

Blogs are as flexible as your imagination. I'm still amazed by the different ways teachers are employing this technology in classrooms, and I still don't think we've even begun to realize the potential...

Teaching blogs to students takes a plan. What do you want to achieve? What can you do with a blog that you can't do some other way? Effective use of Weblogs in the classroom comes when teachers have planned well.

Blogs empower students and move control away from teachers. It's something that at first takes a while to get used to, but to not see blogs as expansive is to limit their potential.

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