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So, this afternoon, I spent some time exploring microformats. More specifically, I was looking for a location-based microformat I could use to include in Atom, the new IETF draft/soon-to-be,really-close,only-redtape-left RFC syndication format which has a well-defined method for extending the format to include other XML vocabularies (like microformats).

Poking around, it seemed the most well-suited format was hcard. So, I went ahead and created a simple XML hcard document — hcard XML for Jeremy Smith. That's just the straight XML. Here is another example with the hcard XML embedded inside some XHTML with a light sprinkling of some CSS for presentation.

I think this has legs. Not sure if embedding it in the presentation XHTML is the way to go. I think it is much better suited inside the machine readable XML (i.e. the RSS or Atom versions of the web resource), but I think that is neither here nor there.


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    ...inside the machine readable XML

    (X)HTML's not machine readable?

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    Erp, I didn't mean to say that XHTML isn't machine readable. As a matter of fact, HTML is, indeed, machine readable itself. It's just a matter of degrees... degrees of easiness.