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The goals of the Internet2 project are to:

By becoming "", a school makes all of its telephones (and users) reachable via SIP. For instance, although Bob at BigU may know nothing about SIP and may have a five year old PBX phone on his desk, allows Alice to call Bob using Bob's email address (e.g. The initial architecture works by integrating the legacy campus PBX and person directory with two new components: a SIP proxy server and a SIP-PRI gateway.

Once a school has deployed the initial architecture, it can begin to explore and implement other SIP-related services. While focuses primarily in voice communications, SIP is media-agnostic and can support video, text, and other media.


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    As far as I know, we do not have SIP-related services. Supposedly the Cisco software we use will eventually support SIP, but that could be a long time. Not sure if that's necessary for this I2 thing, but it seems it might make it easier.