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Students Review Drupal and WebCT

The students at Purdue had extensive exposure to Drupal and WebCT as courseware tech. They talk about which one they liked better and why here. I only wish blackboard, what we use here, was in the comparison as well.


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    I'll summarize: "I prefer Drupal over WebCT. The interface is cleaner and easier to use."

    Something tells me if we did what Purdue did and do a test run of Drupal vs. Blackboard, the average comment would be: "I prefer Drupal over Blackboard. The interface is cleaner and easier to use."

    The real comparison is between WebCT and Blackboard. Which one has the better interface? Which is the lesser of two evils?

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    I'm a teacher at a large North Eastern public University system - it transitioned to WebCT about a year ago. I have to say, after three semsters of use that from the staff point of view WebCT is not only the worst on-line learning system I've ever used but in fact the worst system I've ever used, well maybe a closer runner up with SAP. The interface is full of meaningless icons and buzzwords. There's no clear path to even simple tasks. It relies heavily on java and javascript, most of which fails to function on a reliable basis and almost off of which could be more efficiently and effectively dispensed. Examples are the chat system which regularly kicks off users, the "rich messaging" system whos editor is entirely non-functional, a lack of support for anything but ancient versions of Mozilla and Internet Explorer. Even some potentially great ideas, like a webDAV interface for updating files are entirely munged by WebCTs inane interface. If you have a voice in selecting an on-line learning system, PLEASE take the time to test webct thoroughly and then voice your opinion forcefully.