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USC's IT Services

So, I have this preoccupation for checking out what services other Universities host. It's a fun game to play. A lot of times, it seems to be a game of "guess-that-URL" because of a lack of publishing the links to their services off of their main IT pages.

So, here we have USC. They have webmail, which, if you look deeply into the Javascript code on that page, you can identify it as iPlanet's Messenger Express (what we use). They have a portal based on uPortal. They have a wiki powered by Confluence. And, they host a blogging service based on a piece of software called elgg, which bills itself as "an open source learning landscape platform." And, they use blackboard. They, also, have a test Shibboleth instance running, but I couldn't identify what SSO solution they are employing.

No sign of a calendaring service, though.


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    The Shibboleth instance is productional (well, as production as Shib 1.x is going to get), which is our SSO solution moving forward. The actual WebISO is handled by Pubcookie.