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More on the New Topics System

So, works as follows. It reaches into the internals of the Case blogging system and pulls out all entries that are "categorized" or "tagged" with the supplied topic name. For example, pulls any and all entries in the system that were categorized or tagged as pertaining to "computing." This works the same with in the News or or any other topic. On the front page is a list of the historically most active topics and the recently most active topics in the form of pretty Tag clouds.

Each of the topics' pages are, actually, just syndicated feeds (stylized using XSLT and CSS). So, if you wanted to subscribe to a Blog@Case Topic in your favorite news aggregator software, you just point it at the URL and go. takes that idea one step further. It pulls from the Case Blog Topics and from the Case Wiki Categories syndicated feeds, splices them together, and displays all of them on one page. So, if you go to, you get all of the blog posts under the category (or "taggged," if you will) "IT" along with any wiki page that is underneath the category "IT." To apply some buzzword action, it is folksonomic view of a larger Knowledge Management system composed of the blog and wiki systems. But, there are no plans to stop there. Any content provider at Case that produces syndicated feeds can be included in the Topics system: Case Housing, Residence Life & Greek Life, KSL, etc. And, eventually, Topics will be plugged into the likes of Technorati,, and Flickr to aggregate information being produced about the University from some outside content providers. Items like "related tags" will be added to, so if you are looking at, you'll see that that topic is directly related to, Technology, etc.

Right now, obviously, you can see at either spot, there are some runtime issues with HTML appearing right in the page. Also, the general look of will change considerably presenting information on active authors, related wiki nodes, etc. But, as it sits today, it can, at the very least, be poked by the user community.

And, if you have any suggestion, feel free to comment below.


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    On wednesday I placed a bar of the aggregated feeds from planet case onto my blog . I think this would be a great feature to offer as one of the blog options in the wizard. Can this new system immitate TagCloud's ability to be placed on an individual user's blog as well?

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    This provides a neat snapshot of the blog@case content. I cannot wait to see how this develops over time.