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Wikimania 2006 in Cleveland

Wikimania 2006 with a proposed bid to have it hosted in Cleveland.


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    Well, we know who is spearheading the movement. It would be great if we could have this at Case. Lev, are you reading this?

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    Greg. Read the genesis of the Wikimania 2006 bid by reading "you know who..." We've been working w. OneCleveland to put together a "winning" technical bid using our soon to be publically announced community computing platform. We'll need your help and everyone else in the Cleveland Wiki world to come together and help build the Case for Cleveland. GO Greg. Go (and Jeremy and ...)

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    Yes, it was my idea, and Lev has been very helpful in mobilizing folks. I expect the proposal to develop quickly over the next two weeks, so please chime in with ideas over at the Talk page for Cleveland's proposal!