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Sun and Case Partnership

Pachyderm for our Digital Authors in Education

Together with Case Western University and the New Media Consortium, we are launching a project initiative to support the adoption and use of the Pachyderm authoring environment to Solaris and Sunray thin clients.
That's news to me. Does anyone else have any info on this project? Who on the Case side of things is leading the way?


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    Hi JMS. Wendy Shapiro and I (with Jeff Gumpf's broad knowledge) have agreed to explore this exciting opportunity. In full disclosure, I serve as the President of the Board of the NMC, referenced in Kevin's blog and also, as you might know on Sun's Academic Advisory Board. Wendy and I will keep you and everyone at Case (and in the open source world) in the loop as the planning evolves.

    At the same time, I hope to get insight and feedback from you and others on how to leverage Sun's significant investment in OneCleveland's Community Computing infrastructure. This is also a great opportunity for advancing community computing initiatives. Of course, I happen to have a couple of ideas :-)