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So, there's a couple of people working on this Screen Saver project that will read RSS streams and display photos contained therein thus comprising the screen saver.

It seems a whole lot better than the screen savers currently found in the computer labs that feature the windows icon blinking in and out of existence. So, I thought to myself, "I wonder if pictures uploaded to the Case Blog system could be used?" "I suppose they could just monitor Planet Case's XML feeds and parse out img tags."

But, that seemed entirely undesirable. What would be better is if the blog system collected all of the recently uploaded pictures in one place and provided an XML Feed of those. I don't know... something like

Ahh... perfect.


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    That's awesome, you rock.

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    I am one of the people working on the screensaver.
    Feel free to email me (ajw33) or Ben (bec) with your ideas/suggestions. Collecting the Blog@case photos seems like a Really Good Idea.

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    I like it a lot!
    We'll let you know when the screen saver is ready to be tested.

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    Can I be you when I grow up?

    Seriously - how do you keep coming up with all this cool stuff??

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    We've picked an RSS style, which is now documented on the wiki page.