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The Future of the Internet and How It May Relate to the Enterprise

More reading material for y'all in 7 opposing choices in the future of the Internet. And, of course, I'll pull relevant quotes here for your perusal and to whet your appetite.

companies used to seek 'all in one' solutions which could, for example, create all your data, manage it, keep it under workflow and versioning, apply access control, publish it, and give you statistics on its use, is there now an emerging trend to use multiple pieces of simpler software that each delivers a specific function?

It's the Unix philosophy (paraphrased: "do one thing and do it well") applied to the Enterprise. It's about time that started to take hold. I am a firm believer in it — small loosely-coupled but tightly integrated systems rather than monolithic all-in-one salesmens bread-and-butter systems. (More reading on this lines at The Term "Enterprise" and How It is Applied to Software — Technical or Social?).

...are we going to see the communal development of one or more 'standardised' taxonomies? ... Arguably, folksonomies are currently so popular (and conversely, standardised global taxonomies rare) because of the lack of (or necessity of) thinking about the bigger picture, and fitting in with the work of others. Folksonomies are built and evolved quickly because of this lack of process and red-tape.

He mentions the use of RDF as ways to help develop machine readable representations of folksonomies. I am using the Atom syndication format to do just that with Blog@Case: Topics and the still forming

could email be on its way out? Or will it be given a new lease of life through the injection of digital signatures, encryption, and new technologies that let us ensure delivery, receipt, and limit maliciousness?