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Do you struggle to figure out how you can incorporate the term "Web 2.0" into whatever system it is you are designing?

Do you still use the terms "Semantic Web" and "semantic web" interchangeably?

Is your view of the world of web services so skewed by RPC-like derivatives that you are blind to the power and simplicity of open data formats over HTTP?

Do you think "Enterprise Platform" inherently implies J2EE or .Net?

Do slightly tongue-in-cheek blog posts confuse you?

Well, if you answered "yes" to any of the above questions, do I have a couple of links for you:

Introducing SPARQL: Querying the Semantic Web — where RDF suddenly reveals it actually has a use! Ruby the Rival — where Ruby takes its first monumental step to gaining mindshare... by FUDing other programming languages!


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    I refuse to believe anything is better than Java. Anything as well organized and diligent about error checkig as Java will live as the king forever. It doesn't matter than Java makes it unecessarily difficult to process XML, connect to databases, communicate with web services, and do things quick as long as Java is endorsed by the enterprise sector that sells the hardware that is required to deploy Java applications to the enterprise. The number 14 comes to mind...

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