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Use the Portal as a News Aggregator

I did a naughty thing today. I turned the portal into a news aggregator.

I don't recommend doing this. One, it is not trivial to do. I spent a lot of time clicking on widget this and thing-a-majig that. Lots of X's were targetted. At one point in time, I had it so screwed up, it really wasn't even rendering (*warning:* do not "View Source" on the portal, especially if you are a web developer... you might not recover). But, after much time finangling with things, I got it to "work." Two, there are some problems parsing the contents of RSS. A lot of the time, the HTML payloads of items ended up displaying the markup in-line with the content (that is why everything is headline's only in the screenshot). It doesn't seem to work with the Atom format. And three, the Portal isn't a news aggregator; so you just shouldn't do it. If you want a news aggregator, use Bloglines.

I did it just to see what would happen and if I even could do it. Also, once you remove the extraneous clutter, you really start believing (though, I have been believing this for a while now) that syndicated news feeds have totally and completely eclipsed JSR168 and WSRP.

All right, so anyways, here's a screenshot: