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Freedman Center

Today, I finally made my way over to check out the new Freedman Center and man is it nice. The equipment there is top notch (and plentiful). And there was some real wow! factor in their inventory management systems.

Aaron Shaffer and I sat around and recorded some dialogue that Aaron is planning on cleaning up and posting as a podcast. I'll point to it once it's up. Hopefully, my long, acronym-laden techno-geeky monologues I regularly launch into somehow seem tempered.

P.S. I also added RSS enclosure support to Planet Case. So if one wants to just subscribe to any and all podcasts coming out of the Case Blogging system, they are encoded into the RSS feed.

I mentioned it the same time it was posted — The Freedman Center in Kelvin Smith Library: RSS Feeds, Podcasting, & the Case Wiki. I haven't heard it yet (downloading it as soon as I get home), so I haven't been able to count the number of times I say "uhh" or "ummmmm" yet.


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    Great idea adding the enclosure to Planet Case!

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    I just added the Planet Case feed to the iTunes store. Give it 24hr and it should be searcable. The description, author, etc that show up in iTunes are automatically generated via the feed.

    Depending on how it looks in iTunes you may want to tweak the feed details a bit. For example, it would be neat to see the Case logo as the artwork.

    More here:

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    Can you create an ATOM 1.0 feed for Planet Case too?