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Upcoming Anniversary

January 10th will be the one year anniversary of when the Blog system was opened up. I keep meaning to start now on a big presentation of lessons learned, statistics, what works v. what doesn't, what makes a successful blog, graphs, graphs, graphs. Knowing me, I'll be putting it together Jan. 9th.


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    Congrats on your first year!

    I didn't write a presentation, but I wrote a brief entry about our first year here A year of Warwick Blogs

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    Wow, it's hard to believe that the one year anniversary for the Blog is almost here. If you compile the past year's stats, they'll be great for comparison purposes on future usage of the Blog. As Professors promote usage of the Blog and the students gain familiarity, it will be interesting to compare 1st year stats to each continuing year. I believe the Blog will show continuing yearly growth in usage. Great job, Jeremy!

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    Yeh, congrats in advance and looking forward very much to your reflections.

    Cheers, James