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Using Wikis Kills So-Called "Enterprise Systems" During Harmful Meetings

Disregard the title. I just have these three links hanging around in my "to blog" queue. I had planned on adding commentary an analysis to the postings of each of these links, but I never get around to doing so. So rather than having them just sit in my queue continually doing nothing, I am just going to post the links with short quotes.

You don’t know Tiddly, Wiki

By in large, people don’t know how to use Wikis... because they haven’t started using them yet. Guess what? That’s how Wikis are for pretty much everyone – even our beloved freaks and geeks in the tech sector where Wikis originated. Wikis are hard to 'get' from a distance. If you start using a Wiki you will begin learning why they’re useful and soon you’ll have five or ten new ideas about ways to use them for your efforts.

The death of enterprise software

For enterprise software, I think organizations will turn away from monolithic and expensive systems with terrible user experiences -- and correspondingly low levels of satisfaction, quality, and efficacy -- as the best means of meeting business needs, and shift to a mixed palette of semantically integrated capabilities or services delivered via the Internet.

Meetings considered harmful

A few reasons why frequent and long meetings are t3h sucK: