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Federated Identity Mesh

From Making sense of the federation protocol landscape comes a good graphical representation of where the different Federated Identity Standards mesh.


This is slightly inaccurate. The Shibboleth layer should actually extend further upwards into the Identity Service Provider layer, but hey, this is the best graphical representation I've seen as to how some of the different Federated Identity standards inter-relate.

Another minor nitpick on Jason Rouault's section on Shibboleth:

Right now, about 50 higher education sites are piloting the software. To date, there are no deployments outside higher education.

That's true amongst the Identity Provider portion of Shibboleth. However, among the Service Provider side, there is Napster amongst a host of others.


And now that I think about it, iTunes U would be an excellent service to Shibbolize. Sign into iTunes U with your Case credentials and be taken to the Case iTunes section. Makes perfect sense to me.


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    Any thoughts on community formation and governance. Software in this space is uninteresting...

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    Any thoughts on community formation and governance.

    Like... say... a "federation" maybe? Or are you looking for a mailing list to participate in as a developer or as a user? Maybe you're looking for a wiki? Or a place to file bugs? Do you just want to access the source code? I am not sure what you are asking.

    Software in this space is uninteresting...

    I find tomatoes to be uninteresting.