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From Whiteboard to Image

I want to be able to draw stuff on a whiteboard, hit a button, and have a PNG (or GIF or whatever... I wouldn't even care if it sent me a PDF) emailed to me or provided to me in some way.

Can the fancy-pants media-enabled lots-o-toys classrooms in PBL do this? I probably should know myself having worked there, but I don't. Does anyone know if you can do this?


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    You could "upgrade" your regular whiteboard with one of these (I think there are other similar products available as well).

    Or, if you want to be able to do cool things like pick up your drawings with your fingers and move them around, try one of these...

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    I thought at least one of the classrooms in Nord had a SmartBoard with that functionality.

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    Check with ITAC. Someone over there has/had a whiteboard that electronically captured the image on the board.