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There's this project called SchoolTool that I keep meaning to blog about as a "it's something to look at." I was re-reminded to do so after reading this excellent post by Mark Shuttleworth on Funding free software projects. (You may remember Mark Shuttleworth; he's the guy who built Thawte (before it was sold to Verisign) and now spends his time doing Ubuntu).

SchoolTool currently bills itself as a calendar and resource management tool for schools though it has aspirations to be an entire open source student information system by 2006-2007. (Lofty goals but the guy did do Thawte and Ubuntu so I'll give him the benefit of the doubt.)

Why I wanted to point this out is that, I-don't-know, you may be involved in a calendaring project. And it seems that when someone gets on a calendaring project, they always want to build their own because everything-else-sucks so-they'll-reinvent-it-and-make-it-good and all-they-ever-end-up-doing-is-making-another-calendaring-product-that sucks-just-as-bad-as-all-of-the-other-calendaring-products-just-in-different-ways. It's why there are so many calendars on the Internet. Everyone thinks they can do it better. So they do it. And it still ends up sucking (whudda thunk it?).

Just sayin', if I was thrown on a calendaring project, I'd take a good hard look at SchoolTool and attempt to tailor that to my needs rather than reinvent wheels. Or I would just wait for Google Calendar.


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    Unfortunately, between the time when we decided to split off the calendar server as a separate project, and the time when it was ready, a LOT more calendar projects appeared. If we'd been able to move more quickly, we might have attracted more outside contributors.