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Advice for Hiring Perl Programmers

Nobody knows Perl
It's true. If someone puts on their resume that they do know Perl, give them this quiz. If they get 5 questions right, hire them immediately.
(For the record, I got 10 out of 25 right.)


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    Uh, I should have said, "hire them if you are looking for a Perl developer." If you're looking for a Java developer, and s/he fails this quiz, I wouldn't read too much into it.

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    10/15 on the Python one... and of course 1/25 on the Perl.

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    1/25 also (the first one).

    If there were an equivalent test for C++, hiring anyone who got at least one question right would probably be a wise move. :)

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    Where's the PHP quiz? Oh, wait, PHP is easily readable. Sorry for asking. ;)

    <flamewar start="now">

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    PHP is easily readable

    Both quizzes are more about predictability than readability, I think.