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Aaron Shaffer's Presentation

Last night, I watched Aaron Shaffer's presentation on Blogs, Wikis, & Podcasts for Beginners. It was a good presentation and provided a great overview of blogs, podcasting, and wikis covering the implementations we have at Case.

I would like to give out a hearty thanks to Aaron for putting so much time and effort into creating the presentation and for helping to raise the level of awareness of these technologies, how they are offered at Case, and how they can be used.

I have little to add to his presentation because he pretty much covered everything. There was a question near the end as to why the Blog and Wiki systems are still in "Beta." It's true that the database they run off of is backed up nightly. The filesystem that serves the blog content sits on the NAS, so it gets automagically backed up. So there are no problems there. The reason they were put into Beta initially was: a) we didn't know how well our architecture would scale, b) the only user support was the engineers and developers who designed the system, and c) we had no failovers i.e. there was not another server sitting around such that if the current server caught fire (or had whatever other irreparable damage) we could just repoint the hostnames (blog and wiki) to this other server and be back up and running.

So that's why we're still in Beta. We're working on getting failover spots for the service, and once that is done, the Beta tag will come flying off.


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    Thank you for answering that question Jeremy!