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The news that President Hundert resigned came as a shock to most people, myself included. I don't think many thought that the vote of no confidence would be the catalyst that would lead to the waterfall of current events.

Many of the people and places reporting on the events describe the complaints by the faculty and others regarding President Hundert and the administration, and one of the complaints I consistently see is "lack of communication" or "secrecy of the administration." That is, they didn't seem approachable or didn't approach others with their plans and the implementations of their plans.

Now, I don't mean to pimp the blog system (at least not so blatantly without putting a quiet disclaimer like this that I am indeed "pimping the blog system"). But if they would have had a blog where they did weekly postings concerning the Master Plan, the implementation of the Master Plan, day-to-day troubles with the Master Plan, day-to-day (or week-to-week) problems the University was experiencing that the end result of the Master Plan would help correct, etc.; if they were more open and gave members of the University this avenue of connecting with them, it probably would have curbed the idea that the administration was "unapproachable" and "secretive."

No, I am not the first person to point out the necessity of open dialogue. I just wanted to recast it for possible other members of the administration facing similiar complaints (now or in the future).

No, I don't think starting a blog would have solved all of the problems. But it would have helped facilitate understanding between persons. And, yes, I think Professor Krauss should start a blog, too.

As a point of order, here is an example blog entry describing some issues with Case – The Miseducation of Case Western.


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    Yes, absolutely! I have thought that all university VPs should be required to blog for some time. What a perfect avenue to keep everyone up to date and receive feedback? Lev has a blog but he really doesn't use it often. It would be nice to see John Russell blogging too. The work of his group affects everyone on campus.

    I once suggested a Case Presidential Podcast, sort of a weekly or monthly fireside chat sort of thing but it never went anywhere. Hell, even Arnold has a weekly podcast as governer.

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    Lev spearheaded an attempt that resulted in a meeting and the creation of, but it never took.

    A weekly (or even monthly) Presidential podcast would have been wonderful. Maybe the iTunes stuff will help to generate legs for these kinds of ideas.

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    I think this whole thing is like a rorschach test. People see in it what ever they want to see. You guys see blogging.

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    I think this whole thing is like a rorschach test. People see in it what ever they want to see. You guys see blogging.

    It's true.