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Announcing the iTunes@Case Project

Case has been accepted into Apple's iTunes U program. What this means is, eventually, users at Case will be able to distribute their digital media through iTunes: course related material, public lectures, podcasts, videocasts, etc. And people will be able to download it, subscribe to it, access it, preview it via iTunes. To get a sense of this, you can check out Stanford on iTunes.

The project is just beginning. And we've decided to handle shepherding this project to implementation in a different manner than we normally do with our IT projects. We're going to experiment with a more open style of running the project. In this vein, we've drafted a charter for a working group that will operate much like an eduCause, Internet2, or IETF Working Group. The charter basically consists of the following:

This WG is supposed to implement iTunes@Case. Everybody play nice. A few co-chairs are around to make sure everyone is playing nice and to steer the group through ruts. The meat is in the discussion. Have at it.

Let me add some emphasis to this is an experiment. I think that this project lends itself well to attempting to manage a project in this manner. But we will see.

So, if you are a member of the Case community (be you faculty, staff, student, what-have-you), and you would like to participate in the WG — go sign up to the mailing list: We've setup a wiki (this time, I thought I'd try out TWiki1) that is readable by everyone and editable by the members of the mailing list2. We've got a basic Roadmap fleshed out. But we don't have much more than that. Like I said, we're just getting underway.

So... you interested? Sign-up. We've got to figure out what to call it — iTunes@Case, iTunes U @ Case, Case iTunes? How exactly does authentication happen? What about authorization i.e. how does it know to only allow students actually enrolled in a course access to that course's digital media? We need to generate documentation. We need to identify facilities that can help generate digital media. We need to determine the best use cases. We need to identify ways to foster adoption.

Plus, it's cool. Bringing iTunes to the campus... It's a neat idea.

1Yea, this is directly related to experimenting with the usefulness of a wiki farm service.

2Synchonizing who is on the mailing list and who can edit the wiki is done by hand. There's no magical mod_authz_sympa I could use, but I wish there was.


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    About authorization:

    I hate how I cannot access any classes (even those I took in previous semesters) Blackboard site. MIT got it right with their Open Courseware. I'm sure Case wouldn't go to that extreme, but making the information available for every Case student would be fantastic.

    I've found myself studying for exams not by using a book or my notes, but an MIT PowerPoint presentation (It's the only way I survived EECS 391).

    So, my vote is for an as-open-as-Case-will-allow integration with iTunes. I'd definitely use it.

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    you want mod_authz_sympa? Here it is.

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    you want mod_authz_sympa? Here it is.