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How to Create a REST Protocol

There was some discussion in the comments of Greg's entry New Syndicated Feeds Available for the Case Wiki concerning what constitutes a REST architecture, and I believe I did little more than confuse everyone — a mixture of meandering thoughts, confusing tech jargon, and switching between points. This article How to create a REST Protocol does a good job describing REST by architecting an example system with it. Unfortunately, it says "REST Protocol" in the title. Just ignore that. REST isn't a protocol, it's an architectural style; the one the Web is built off of.


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    I also enjoyed Paul Prescod's Reinventing Email using REST.

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    Actually, it doesn't say 'REST Protocol', it says 'How to create a REST Protocol', that is, how to take the REST architectural style and apply it to your own problem domain. When you do that, out pops a protocol.