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As of today, the integer that is assigned to the number of years I've been kicking up dirt on this here planet of ours.
What is precisely the cut-off age for being able to attribute the stupid stuff one does to "youthful indiscretions?"


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    Happy Birthday Jeremy! I don't know what the cutoff age is for "youthful indiscretions". At some point, other explanations begin to naturally replace that of youth.

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    Hi - Happy Birthday. I seriously appreciate reading your blog. It's nice to see (and especially see blogged) sharp, involved, .edu IT staff.

    I'm 32 (and a half ;-) and still attribute every dumb thing I say to youthful indiscretion. It sorta works sometimes for campus, it rarely, if ever, works with my fiance - though both she and campus collectively tend to roll their eyes at me a lot.

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    hi jason

    happy birth day hope u have fun any way

    well im 16 and im turning 17 next januray well i better let u go and i hope u can talk to me soon ok