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There has been a lot of great comments and discussions happening at and And I keep meaning to point at them. So here it is.

A recent comment on Resignation of President Edward M. Hundert, M.D. goes as follows:

As a CWRU (Law) graduate who does not live in Ohio, I have been anxious to learn more about what was going on at CWRU ever since Dr. Hundert's resignation tipped me off to the fact that all was not well with the institution. I'm grateful for this BLOG because it has helped me get a sense of what led to Hundert's resignation and what the pressing issues are now at CWRU (as opposed to the carefully-worded letters from him and the Board Chair, etc., which told us outlanders very little about the actual situation). As a contributor, I'm interested in knowing that my donations are being spent wisely. It sounds as if some accounting is called for now - it also sounds as if the current Board of Trustees is too large, unwieldy and therefore incapable of real oversight. It needs to be comprised of individuals from all parts of the country -- who will be less parochial and more interested in making CWRU a nationally recognized institution. And indeed more board members should be alumni - the people who are the greatest stakeholders with respect to CWRU's reputation and future prospects.

I like see all of the fostering of discussions and the community empowerment. It's good stuff. The conversations happen all over the place.