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Top 5 Most Annoying Tendencies of "Other Drivers"

Inspired by Mano Singham's post Driving etiquette, I thought I would take this opportunity to blog about driving.

You see, I am what is known as a human being. As such, I have fulfilled all known requirements for being able to declare myself an excellent driver.

As We "excellent drivers" tend to do, I would like to use my position of meritocratic authority to complain about the tendencies of what (We refer to as) the dreaded other drivers — those people that have the audacity to drive on Our roads using vehicles similiar to Our own but causing Us to have to adjust Our driving to their presence (I swear to God, the nerve of some people).


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    You have hit on ALL my pet peeves too. Of course, I am a perfect driver...

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    I can't wait for computers to drive all the cars.

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    I absolutely hate when people don't use their turn signals, especially in busy urban environments. They have slowed to a crawl. They might be turning right. I could pass them on the left. However, if they aren't turning, they side-swipe me. Can't risk my car. Ugh.

    Using the passing lane for cruising is the worst though. We should send some of these people to Germany to drive on the Autobahn. See what happens when a BMW cruising at 110 MPH comes up on you cruising at 70MPH in the left lane and the law against passing on the right is actively enforced. It isn't pleasant. Anyway, I've noticed that at least 3/4 of the "left lane campers" (as I call them) are middle-aged men. If someone could explain that to me...

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    It used to be illegal in Ohio to pass on the right but 10 or so years ago, that law was removed.

    It should still be illegal to pass on the right, and cops should begin enforcing that law and tailgating laws with the same zeal they enforce speeding tickets. They should also cook up a law about using the leftmost lanes for cruising.

    Unfortunately, I don't ever expect this to ever happen.

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    What really gets me are the people who tailgate, pass in a huff and then SLOW DOWN. I like my speed, I mean, cruise control, so I really notice these people on the highway. I think they are related to the people who speed up when I try to pass them (using cruise control). Dude, my speed isn't changing...your problem is totally not about me.