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I'm a Snob When it Comes to Companies' and Persons' Web Pages' Markup and CSS

Am I the only person that does this? You see, I visit a web site (maybe it's someone who got linked to by the grandiose blogosphere, maybe it's a vendor we're evaluating, maybe it's a company I plan on purchasing goods or services from, maybe it's a web application I am evaluating for personal or professional use), and I always View Source on it and check up its markup, CSS, and Javascript.

I always do this. It is one of the first evaluations I do on company/person/product. If you/it don't/doesn't have clean markup, well separated presentation layers, and non-intrusive Javascript that degrades gracefully, I knock of like 10 points from their/its first impression.

I know I am a geek and that is why I do it. But am I the only geek that does it or gives it this much weight? It's a big deal to me. Like if you were a company and you wanted to hire me, I will definitely factor in how well your web site is designed – not just aesthetically but also how well it was engineered – in my decision to accept your offer. I don't care that you out-sourced it and had a design firm do it for you; whoever hired that design firm from your company should still be held accountable.

Am I a crazy person?


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    Not at all - I can't say that I often View Source, but I always evaluate the design/presentation of the companies Web site.

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    Completely agree - if I am going to pay money for some product that is far more complicated than a Web site, they better have the basics down!

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    That's funny. I do the same thing but I base my judgement on site aesthetics and design.

    If the company's site hurts my eyes I will never buy their product. Considering that the average person doesn't look at the code, I'm of the opinion that the code can be as ugly as all hell as long as the site continues to function and users have a positive experience.