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What Do People Call "Case Western Reserve University"

Google launched Google Trends today and it finally lets us put to rest an age-old question (well... as old as since we changed from "CWRU" to "Case"): What do people call us?

Well, a comparison between Case and CWRU is entirely unreliable.

case    cwru    search-trends-case-vs-cwru.png

The term "CWRU" gets squashed by "Case," but I am betting that that's because "case" is an honest to god word. No, really, I'm being serious, check it out. Heck, we're not even the first hit on a search on "case". We are the #2 hit listed as "" ← oh the irony of running a web server on WWW that can't do simple 301s.

So, we'll just assume that that's an unfair comparision. But what about comparing cwru vs case western vs "case western" vs case western reserve university vs "case western reserve university"?

cwru    case western    "case western"    case western rese...    "case western res...    search-trends-for-case-western.png

It seems Case Western wins. Glad we have Google to settle that for us. No more arguing over the name of the University...


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    What about our official shortening, "Case Reserve". Also, to get numbers on "Case", try Case+college or Case+university or Case+Cleveland. Should get something slightly more accurate.

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    Do a Google search for just "university." We are like #100 on the list (at least on my computer).

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    Is our official shortening supposed to be "Case Reserve?" I thought it was "Case" or "Case Western."

    "case university" vs. "cwru" yields a huge win for "case" against "cwru."

    A straight google search for "case university" yields 539 million results. "cwru" only gets back 4 million.

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    I wonder, can we accurately compare search terms to naming conventions? I never call us, "Case Western," but I do use "Case Western" as a search term in Google. I do that because in most cases those words together will hit on our full name, and thus I don't have to type it all in. Although I've read of people using "Case Reserve" I never hear it in regular usage.

    As for "Case Western", Bruce Loessin (former VP of Univ. Rel & Development, now at the Clinic) always said that it didn't make sense because "Western" was an adjective modifying "Reserve" not "Case."

    As a kid, the term I heard most often was "Western Reverse," but that was just my dad (GRS '74) and grandmother (FSM '28) being silly. Nicknames aside, from what I could tell they were both pleased with the time they spent here.