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For the Record

You might have noticed bunches of problems with,,,, etc. (,,,, (redirector),,,,,, and — or anything relying on for authentication).

Our big Apache server that runs all those sites resides on the NAS. The NAS got upgraded firmware or something. This made our stuff (including the Directory Servers and, consequently, mail servers) unhappy.

It's running now. But how it is running is one of the greatest feats of hackery performed.

A thank-you shout-out to Dave Kovacic, Ed Rynes, Sam Harmon, and Jim Nauer for putting in 18 hours of work or so to help me get it back up and running for the time being (and being the ones that invented the ultimate h4X0r solution to band-aid it until a real solution can be formed).

And For the Record: I hate Solaris and I hate it's crazy linking problems.

(Oh... and if you sent me an email today (or to any of the *-admin emails I patrol), I promise to get back to you sometime tomorrow. Or just email me again.)