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Subscribe to Your Oracle Calendar iCal File

I've taken a real liking to Google Calendar. One thing that always bothered me about our calendar was that there was no way to access the contents of your calendar via HTTP. Greg whipped up a downloader for iCal files, but if the calendaring app you're using doesn't support HTTP Auth, you're out of luck.

So, I "scratched the itch" and made a way for you to generate a "secret" URL that when dereferenced returns your Oracle Calendar's iCal file. I updated the documentation on the Webservices Calendaring page and updated the Case Wiki with some documentation on using it.

This post could be considered a companion piece to my last post about making your data/service more open. Small pieces loosely joined (← I just love linking to that). To restate it in some other terms, everything important should have a URI.


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    Hi Jeremy,

    Now that sounds extremely useful.
    Will it work for someone outside your university?
    And if so, can I have access to the program/script somehow?

    Thanks a lot.

    - Jonas

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    Just echoing Jonas - this sounds really useful, any chance of a release? I didn't see it on the Case Wiki.

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    My three. This would make my life a lot easier at UW-Madison.

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    Would also be interested in setting the script up at UC Irvine if you ever decide to make it public. Great idea!

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    We would also be interested at UC Irvine if you ever decided to go public with it. Great idea!