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I'm Doing It!

Just helping to take back Planet Case.

You may have seen the announcement about spammers and trackback. Our increasingly complex anti-spam setup really deserves a blog entry to describe it. It's getting surreal.

I, also, promised to do an entry on my switch from Windows to Apple. Maybe I'll do that entry today.

Have you seen that Apple blog? He really did a great job on the templates.

Also, did you see Greg's post on 5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About PHP? Everybody and their brother linked to that thing.


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    This is off topic but I wanted to ask you how do you like attending USF? I am a PTK student at a CC in New York and was looking forward to tranfering to USF in the next year. Do you have any pictures? The ones on the USF websites don't reveal much. Thanks.