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Some Wiki News from OSCON

Socialtext Releases Open Source Wiki

That's interesting, but I'd like a little more details concerning "contains all of Socialtext's enterprise grade code aside from enterprise management and enterprise integration tools." What "integration tools" got left behind?

Something I found more interesting is what JotSpot is doing with their wiki offerings. They are taking the concept of a wiki and applying these concepts to more than just articles of documentation — spreadsheets, calendars, etc. I always thought this would be interesting and have always thought that this was more important than wiki engines, themselves — applying the concepts of "anyone can edit this" and "limitless revision history" to other arenas. What got me starting to think about applying wiki-concepts to other areas was this post from Greg where I left the comment:

There are benefits in employeeing and integrating the concept(s) of a "wiki" into other technologies.