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I'll Be Giving a Presentation Tomorrow on Blogging

Tomorrow at noon in the Herrick Room at Allen Library Building, I'll be giving a presentation for UCITE.

From the description:

This is the age of the internet and those who are most adept at using it are the ones who get noticed. Personal and professional websites and blogs and other internet formats can make more people aware of your work and raise your profile, provided those are done well enough and take advantage of the kinds of things that search engines use when people look for information.

Stop on by if you want to see it. I'll be posting the slides and my notes here afterwards.


The slides are online at Blogging at Case. Notes for the slides are available in the print out version. Audio of the presentation should be coming soon (Murphy willing).


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    Will the session be video or audio taped for those of us who can't attend? Thanks for checking.

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    We're going to record the audio and hopefully podcast it. The slides and notes, as mentioned above, will be available.

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    Hi Jeremy! Nice session. Are the slides coming soon? Thanks.