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Oracle Says "Web Two-Point-Oh!"; A Few People Probably Believe Them

Oracle Smells Fresh Enterprise Web 2.0 Blood

Today’s announcement that uber-shark Oracle has come up with a “new” product called Oracle WebCenter Suite that "uses Web 2.0 technology to create a context-aware interactive environment that supports the intersection of people, processes, and information across multiple channels to enhance the productivity of information workers" is an outrage to the English language

Eh... I've heard worse.

I’m no software expert by a long shot but I really don’t see why anyone would pay $50,000 per CPU for a license to use a tarted-up version of Oracle Fusion Middleware when so many clever subversives on the edges of organizations are already doing all these cool Web 2.0 things now for pennies a month and there are so many really sensational, and far less expensive, enterprise-level integration solutions available or in the works.

Oh... I'm sure there are people willing to pay that.

the whole thing kind of comes up lame although there are probably corporate types who will buy into the top-down "comprehensive enterprise framework" (read big, clumsy and expensive) jive.

Sure there will be tons of "corporate types" (and other "types") that buy into it, because when it fails or just fails to live up to the expectations the salespersons had them believing, they can just blame Oracle. No one holds people accountable when they can just blame the "consultants" (or in this case, the outrageously expensive über-suite of software that wastes not only budget money but countless engineering manhours trying to get it to work that all leads to the software being shelved). They should be held accountable (RE: Hiring Consulants to Do Your Project Does Not Remove Your Accountability for Its Failure), but that's a rarity.