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2004 EduCause Core Survey Data


Changed quote per request from eduCause. I also learned, via email and the commenter below, that the 2005 report will be available in December.


In case anyone else was looking for the "2005 Educause core survey" referenced in this post, Case Western Reserve University to expand technology fee, in the quote:

Case spends approximately $26 million a year on IT infrastructure and services across the campus, including all electronics, servers, storage, e-mail, collaborative tools, software, administrative services, academic technology and staffing. The 2005 Educause core survey estimated that the average IT investment among Case’s peers was $32 million.

Well, I couldn't find the 2005 report. The 2004 report is located at EDUCAUSE - 2004 Core Data Survey. I tried URL guessing for the 2005 report, but 404ed.

I did end up clicking on some link that said "request access to core data database" (or something like that), and it told me "your request to access some-such-thing has been forwarded to be approved by the designated managers for your organization: Lev Gonick and Patricia Kost." But I'm not sure if that is to be approved to access the 2005 core data or if that was me asking to be allowed to modify the data Case submitted. *shrug*


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    Thanks for your interest in the EDUCAUSE Core Data Service! The 2005 Core Data Summary Report is almost complete, and we expect that it will be released by the end of the year. However, the 2005 raw data is already available to participating insitutions, so the folks who wrote the article probably used the raw data to draw those conclusions. The "request access" link that you clicked sends a note to your institution's Core Data Service managers, and they have the ability to give you access to the raw data and/or to complete the survey itself. Let me know if you have any questions!

    Becky Granger (