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CSS-ing Case: The Lull

You may have noticed a lull in the CSS-ing Case series. This is all Paul Jarc's fault.

You see, in this comment Paul asks:

What do you think about the order of the markup? In my CSS-ification, I put the left side bar below the main content in the markup, and repositioned everything in the stylesheet, so lynx users don't have to skip past too much navigation to get to the good stuff.

He's right. I had meant to do that. I had wanted proper source order. As a matter of fact, if you go back to Round 1 and look at the source, you'll see that <div id="content"> comes before <div id="left_side_box"> and <div id="right_side_box">.

So, I went to modify the results of Round #6. I didn't think it would be that hard. Flip around the div's, muck with the CSS positioning a bit, and we would be on our way.

Except... it wasn't working. I kept running into maddening problems. That's when it struck me. This is the "Holy Grail" layout thing.

After I remembered, I went back and found the A List Apart article In Search of the Holy Grail. I began adapting Example #4. But it was a bit time consuming because of the progress I had already made that I had to backtrack over and that jutting over of the logo trick that worked so nicely now seems to have to be mired in a lot of CSS complexity.

In summation, blame Paul.

Hopefully, I'll get things back up to speed with the new markup, and we should be rolling again soon.