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Night Owls Are More Creative, Says Study
Being a "Night Owl" myself, I had a long rant involving personal experience to accompany this link. But I have a long to-blog queue already, so you get just the link. I do think that "living 2 to 3 hours offset" (as the study put it) does give you more "alone time." And "alone time" to me equals time to concentrate and time to explore "the edges." YMMV.


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    Trackback didn't work! I've commented on this here:

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    Another interesting nature vs. nurture conundrum. I can easily stay up until 3 in the morning because it's in the late afternoon evening when the ideas seem to flow best. In the morning I hate getting up because it means leaving the movie-marathon of dreamland.

    Do you sense a causality between alone-time and creativity or does the former merely present more opportunity? I do find it is much easier to work on a project—whether it be art or wordsmithing—when no one else is wandering around the house.