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Firefox Extensions



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    what? No Web Developer Toolbar? No Greasemonkey?

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    Apparently you don't have the one that puts them in alphabetical order. :)

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    I have a couple that you do not list that I recommend: Tabbrowser Preferences, Image Zoom, and Scrapbook.

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    All-in-One Gestures is my favorite add-on. Basically, it allows browsing with your mouse. To go back a page: right click, hold, drag left and release. Don't like that gesture? Then you can customize it how you choose. There are many gestures, but browse back a page is the one I use the most.

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    I second Candice's All-in-One Gestures extension. I use it all the time for going back and forward and closing and opening new tabs.

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    Today must be the day for posting extensions (I use the Link Dumper extension, which gives you a nifty list in html). I want to second Brian's Scrapbook suggestion. Good stuff -

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    Jeremy. How are ya? I just emailed Henriod and am waiting for a response. I am trying to reuinte the Cubatao mainstays. Drop me a little email so that I can use your email instead of this blog.

    Michael Gentry