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Cleveland 2.0

I'm going to the Cleveland 2.0 brouhaha. The ideas Lev sketched out are a little too "high up" for my taste, but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

I did want to see how people were reacting (previous and ongoing) to the conference. On the "Cleveland 2.0" mailing list, a spreadsheet was circulated that contained all of the participants' names and emails. So, I wrote a one-off script that went through each person and googled his or her name or email address and looked at the top 5 google results for the query and mined into each URL looking for a something that contained an RSS feed (I was assuming that if it had a feed it was a blog). Out of the 96 people in the spreadsheet, I came away with less than 10 blogs. I figured this was in error. I had assumed that these people are eminent "technologists," so they would have to have an Internet presence... right? So, I did it by hand (lots of Googling).

I'm not sure how these people have stayed off Google's radar, but ~90% of the people on the list had no Internet presence at all. (Apparently, they don't buy into my take — You Are a Brand.)

Since I had gone to all of that leg work, I decided "what the heck" and built a Planet for it. It's located at So for people (like me) who wanted to follow along, there you go.


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    I hope you write up your thoughts on it. I would not be able to attend but am very interested where this is attending.

    By the way, I gave up hiding from Google and made sure only the good overwhelmed any negative people would find.

    I started thinking after your post. I have 2 personal blogs (engineering resources and web 2.0), 2 KSL blogs I work on, several blogs I designed for ALA LAMA (American Library Association, Library Administration & Management Association), a squidoo page, claimid page, myspace, facebook, etc.

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    Perhaps it is not because there are no bloggers attending, maybe it’s because the 2.0 folks simply haven’t bothered to list, or even reply to (with a confirmation, spreadsheets, answer to question, etc.), some of us bloggers who have signed up to attend. It is the lack of follow through on the part of 2.0 that’s making me no longer want to attend.