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To All the Other Jeremy Smiths Out There

Finding your Google twin can be a strange obsession
To all of the other "Jeremy Smiths" out there, I'm #1. That makes me "The Jeremy Smith" and you guys "The other Jeremy Smiths." ;-)
I wonder how many angry "Jeremy Smith" commenters are going to show up.


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    I was #1 for a while, but I appear to have dropped below somebody's MySpace page and Dean Martin's IMDB entry (since of course, he portrayed me in the original Ocean's Eleven)

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    Somehow that seems more impressive than being the #1 Heidi Cool on Google. Not that I'm the only Heidi Cool on the planet, I've heard tell of one in Belgium and another in Seattle, but with so little competition, it was pretty easy to hit #1. Kudos on your more challenging success!

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    I am the #1 Mano Singham on Google!

    On the other hand, I am the ONLY Mano Singham, so maybe that is not such a great distinction. . .

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    I am the #1 Mano Singham on Google!

    You're also first for "singham" and third for "mano."

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    I'm rather less excited about being the first Eldan Goldenberg, for obvious reasons.