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Microsoft is Dead

I wasn't going to bother linking to Paul Graham's Microsoft is Dead essay. It's been out there for a while now and most of you had probably read it. But I keep finding it popping into my head… This was reinvigorated by the post Giving Up on Microsoft and this quote (his emphasis):

can you even name any startups that use Microsoft development tools?

You can take that one step further. Can you even name any startup built using Oracle development tools? IBM tools like DB2 or Lotus Notes (ignoring Eclipse was is OSS)? Sun? (Okay, I can think of a couple using Sun hardware and Solaris… actually, I can think of several.)

In general, though, these startups are built on Open Source.

There's a reason for that.

And consider this entry and my entry Choosing Platforms my responses to Lev Gonick's Open Source is the Answer: Now What Was the Question?

The question being: "What allows me to do my job better?"