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Java's Overton Window

By happenstance, these two posts appeared one right after the other in my news aggregator.

Sam Ruby: Gating Issue

The Apache Software Foundation has received no official response from Sun regarding the open letter mentioned above, other than a polite acknowledgment of receipt. While we are disappointed by this lack of visible progress, we still hope that Sun will reconsider their position regarding this issue of fundamental importance to the Java ecosystem.

The general plan is to eliminate NDAs for project software in a way that minimizes the distruption to our communities. We will work with organizations such as the JCP and its spec leads to achieve an acceptable resolution.

Of the web

Bill de hÓra:

My sense of it is that on Java, too many web frameworks - think JSF, or Struts 1.x - consider the Web something you work around using software patterns.

The difference between "for the web" and "of the web".

I'm outside the Overton window here, but maybe it's time the Apache Software Foundation started to consider discontinuing working with Java.

Personally speaking, I'm always looking to ditch Java because of the overhead and complexity of the frameworks. (Not to mention, having to "compile" web apps feels weird. And I frequently forget to do it and wonder "why didn't my changes to that frickin' servlet take affect?") Maybe it's time to rethink working with an unwilling corporate partner in helping them advance their "specifications" and creating open implementations of them.

Well... I guess I'll stand over here and see if the window shifts my way.