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Grading a Website's Markup

Less Than Perfect

It's difficult to compose a prescriptive list of all the issues a "perfect site" must satisfy. So, lately I've been think from a different perspective. Instead of "what it takes to be great," I've been asking myself "what does a great site NOT do? More specifically, I've been assuming a perfect site gets 100 points initially and then loses points for shortcomings.

My additions to the list off of the top of my head:

I could probably come up with more… lots more, but that's because I'm a markup snob.


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    So... is my score positive or negative? :-)

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    Ah well, I lose points on the XHTML, though that wasn't my decision when we did the new templates in 2004 (I'd been using HTML strict before that). I suppose I could have changed it when I upgraded them for the re-branding, but that was a rather hectic month.

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    So... is my score positive or negative? :-)

    Whatever it is, I'm sure mine is strictly lower than yours.

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